Manufacturer, Keyter, chooses R-1234ze for its chillers



The KEYTER KWT8285 L chiller, is a multi-functional machine that enables the temperature of an industrial process to be controlled accurately and condensing gases to be recovered to heat the water of other processes, thereby taking full advantage of all of the energy available while reaching a near optimal level of efficiency.


KEYTER WT8285 L chiller: installed by Refrigeración Ruiz de Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, Spain.


The machine was designed and built for a cheese factory in Manzanares which has several production plants across Spain. The unit chills the different areas used throughout the cheese-making process : maintenance, work, processing and clean areas. The factory also has a dryer, where cold and heat are required simultaneously for the dehumidification process. Consequently, the factory uses the free heat recovered from the condenser to reach the level of humidity desired for the dryer.


The KEYTER KWT8285 L chiller requested for this project was designed for a water temperature of -6 ºC. The machine is equipped with a partial recovery system; the power recovered with R-1234ze is 160 kW (35/45º).

The machine comprises two independent circuits and two four-stage compressors with a Frascold power regulator (CXH91 240 912Y - 475 kW each) and enables partial loads to be handled to reduce energy consumption in accordance with the actual needs of the process.

It is equipped with electronic fans that allow the condensing temperature to be adapted to external conditions, which vary greatly in this region depending on the season. They also keep the noise level to a minimum at night when the temperature falls.

The KWT8285 chiller uses a special “dry expansion” multi-tube heat exchanger made by Provides.

This direct expansion exchanger permits the use of an electronic regulator that makes the system more stable with a smaller exchanger, and thereby reduces its energy consumption.



Description of the KWT 8285 L unit with R-1234ze:


  • High-performance screw compressor
  • EC axial fans
  • Heat recovery
  • Electrical resistance kits in hydraulic elements to work with water up to -10 ºC.
  • Independent hydraulic unit (external tray) with main pump + secondary pump





Installation of the Keyter WT8285 L chiller on a roof.




Keyter in brief :

Turnover : 13 million Euros in 2018

Employees: 130

Date founded: 2013

Location: Lucena, Córdoba, Spain