Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 68 NH is a high performance refrigeration oil designed specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration reciprocating and screw compressors using ammonia (NH3, R-717). It is formulated with high quality mineral paraffinic technology providing excellent low temperature performance, low volatility and thermal stability.

Features and benefits
- Low volatility, helps reducing oil consumption (fewer oil top-ups), limiting oil thinning from fractionation.
- Low Brookfield viscosity contributes to good oil flow at low temperatures and good oil return from evaporator.
- Surface protection for increased equipment life, reduced repair costs.
- High Viscosity Index for good compressor lubrication across wide operating temperatures.
- Refrigerant compatibility contributes to oil separator efficiency (very low miscibility with NH3).

Product Packaging Oil type


Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 68 NH 20L can
Can 20 L MN +


Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 68 NH 208L drum
208 L barrel MN +


Ammonia (NH3) is classified as a toxic and flammable refrigerant (L2 type). The use in installations and transport of this product is subject to a certain number of safety requirements and regulations.

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