Mobile leak detection

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The PGM-IR / PGM-IR CO2 portable leak detector from Bacharach offers superior performance and functionality for low ppm level leak detection of refrigerants, CO2, Nitrous Oxide or Sulfur Hexafluoride.

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D-Tek 3 / D-tek 3 CO2 detector

The D-TEK 3 offers additional features to support you in your leak detection. An easy-to-change sensor, a fast-charging lithium-ion battery and a new ergonomic design make the D-TEK 3 a versatile tool for the daily maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems.

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Prestobul Max

Prestobul Max is available in 400 ml aerosol cans. It is a leak detector for refrigeration and air conditioning installations, as well as systems containing a refrigerant or pressurised gas.

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Leak detector DDH2 UV

Heated diode sensor. 3 sensitivity levels, suitable for all fluids CFC's, HCFC's, HFC's and HFO's, leaks signalled by audio alarm + LED, battery or mains powered.

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Leak detector X P 1

By ionisation. Highly sensitive (3 gm/yr). 7 sensitivity levels, suitable for all halogenated fluids, battery powered. 

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Creates mini leak of 5 gm/yr of R-134a so that the user can conduct on-site checks of portable leak detectors before searching for any leak. 

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