Number of employees : 12

Distribution area : Netherlands

Dehon Service Nederland B.V.

Van Konijnenburgweg 84
NL-4612 PL Bergen Op Zoom

Kvk nr. 17071434
Statutaire zetel: Eindhoven

Phone : 00 31 164 212 830
Fax : 00 31 164 212 831


A European group with a global reach


Company profile :


Climalife Dehon: We are a customer-focused industrial sector company which has been active on the Dutch market since 1992. Our customers are not only our customers, but also our partners. It is for this reason that we constantly strive to offer the best solutions we can create from the raw material of our product and service base. This includes: refrigerant fluids, secondary refrigerant fluids, oils, soldering equipment, recycling (using Eco collect, one of our subsidiaries) and engineering. Our team of professionals carry out our business not as a series of tasks to be completed but as a mission which depends upon their loyalty and personal investment. Climalife: a way of life.

Our site at Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands enables us to guarantee an accurate tracking of our services and logistical movements by better adapting them to the wishes of our customers. As well as taking a proactive approach to the market, we strive to react quickly and conscientiously to our customers' requirements.




Manufacturing site : Crealis Nederland B.V.

Crealis Nederland B.V carries out its business under a business licence conferred upon it by the Province of Noord-Brabant on 17/11/2006.

- Storing and separating waste
- Mixing, filling, reconditioning and storing HCFCs and HFCs

Surface area :The total surface area of the warehouse and production area combines is 5,000m2 over an area of 30,000m2.
Location : Bergen op Zoom.