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The future of F-Gas is taking shape...
Following the first proposal, 450 amendments were put forward by members of Parliament and the Irish Presidency proposed a second version of the text to the F-Gas commission.
At present, the following trends are taking root in the refrigeration/air conditioning sectors:

- Phase down of CO2 equivalents in stages until 2030.
- Checking leaks on all types of equipment with mandatory, stationary leak detectors for installations with a load equal to 500 tonnes of CO2 or more
- Extension in Europe of the prohibition to sell or purchase without a certificate of competence.

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Domestic hot water production and auxiliary heating for 180-unit apartment block using Greenway® Solar heat tranfer fluid...

Because of its numerous advantages, systems that have adopted Greenway® Solar react better to overheating, displaying greater resistance.  The systems have a longer life span and are efficient in the long term, yielding a good return on investment. 

Convinced by its qualities, the company Solartrade Kft then came out in favour of Greenway® Solar.

The monopropylene glycol antifreeze previously used in such systems was replaced, as it was observed that the acid concentration of this fluid increased at high stagnation temperatures, with the circuit beginning to "tar".  The second reason for its replacement is the fact that in sunny conditions, monopropylene glycol may turn into sludge, which makes it difficult to prime the pump and increases energy consumption.  No such changes are observed with Greenway® Solar, the properties of this heat transfer fluid make regulation and adjustment easy. 

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The new issue of the Climalife catalogue is now available!

Inside, find out about our new products and services for industrial, commercial, residential and service sector markets:
- The 4th generation of refrigerants: HFO,
- The cleaning solution for removing blockages from solar systems: SolRnett,
- The new natural and sustainable alternative to traditional heat transfer fluids of -55°C to +200°C : Greenway®,
- Our range of HQ POE oils for refrigeration compressors,


   Technical meetings
More than 1,200 informed professionals!

In light of regulatory changes and technical innovations, the Climalife experts presented their solutions...