New product: Acitest UNIPRO




The Acitest UNIPRO product has replaced Acitest and Acitest Universel. The new Acitest UNIPRO does not contain toluene (now classified as CMR) or any other substance that is harmful to humans.

Acitest UNIPRO enables the acidity of the oil to be determined on site by giving an indication of its condition, either, good, border-line or acid.

Within seconds, an accurate and valuable diagnosis enables vital measurements to be taken that can avoid a breakdown and its costly consequences.

Benefits of acitest UNIPRO:

  • its new formulation, developed by R&D within Dehon Group, means that this single product can be used whatever the type of refrigeration oil is contained in the installation: mineral (MN), alkylbenzene (AB), polyalphaolefine (PAO) or polyolester (POE).
  • a longer expiry date makes stock management easier with a 2 year shelf life as opposed to 6 months for previous versions).