Hydrocarbons NovaSpray™ isobutane

The NovaSprayTM isobutane is an aerosol grade specially deodorized isobutene (or methylpropane). With a constant quality, it meets all the requirements of a propellant.

It may be blended with the NovaSprayTM propane or the NovaSprayTM n-butane, and is very frequently used in cosmetics, mixed with the NovaSprayTM isopentane for hair and shaving gels. It is more specially fit for cosmetic foams formulations.
- Economical because of its low density, it allows reducing the necessary weight of propellant.
- Because of its excellent miscibility with most solvents, it shows a lot of flexibility in formulations.
- With no effect on the ozone layer and a negligible impact on the greenhouse effect.

Product Packaging

NovaSpray™ isobutane
26 L cylinder +

NovaSpray™ isobutane
88 L cylinder +

NovaSpray™ isobutane
217 L barrel +

NovaSpray™ isobutane
930 L container +

NovaSpray™ isobutane
20-ton bulk +