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Lubrication is one of the most important factors in keeping a cooling installation in good working order. Which lubricant to use depends on the installation or application in question. Our range covers all refrigeration oil needs, for mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.

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Emkarate® RL series

Emkarate® RL refrigerant compressor oils are synthetic polyolester (POE) lubricants formulated specially to operate with HFC refrigerants, HFO blends and low and very low GWP HFOs.


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HQ POE by Climalife

Climalife HQ-POE oil is a polyolester synthetic oil specially formulated for the lubrication of cooling compressors.

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Mobil EAL Arctic

Mobil EAL Arctic Polyol Ester oils are a range lubricants designed for  refrigeration systems which work with HFC refrigerants but can also be used with HCFCs.

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CPI Solest 170 / 180 / 220 / 370

Lubricant for refrigeration compressors.

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