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Internal cleaning solvent for industrial refrigeration circuits.

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Neutragel® Neo concentrated

NEUTRAGEL® NEO, is a concentrated antifreeze based on Mono Ethylene Glycol and corrosion inhibitors. It is a heat transfer fluid designed for refrigeration installations working at low temperatures and for central heating systems.  It is however not authorized for use in single exchange domestic water production systems.

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Solstice® Propellant HFO 1234ze

The Solstice® Propellant HFO 1234ze is a hydrofluoropropene. With constant quality, it meets all the aerosol industry requirements.

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NovaSpray™ n-butane/propane (50/50)

The NovaSprayTM n-butane/propane (50/50) is a specially deodorized aerosol grade blend of NovaSprayTM n-butane and NovaSprayTM propane. With a constant quality and controlled pressure, it meets all the requirements of a propellant.

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