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Our Climalife Connect 20 is now available!

Sustainability at the heart of industries’ concerns


Our society is changing and must intensify its efforts to address the challenges after the Covid 19 crisis. Economic, social and environmental processes are interlinked and cannot be dealt with in isolation. Sustainable development requires long-term structural change so that future generations can benefit, and their needs can be fully met.

Industries must now integrate sustainability at the centre of their strategy to stay in the race and review their industrial process at each stage of a product's life cycle, in order to reduce greenhouse gases and optimise their energy consumption.

Climalife is no exception and is implementing this approach in the development of its activities. In addition to the opening of a centre of excellence dedicated to the circular economy planned in Europe, Climalife takes sustainability into account from the design of new formulas and provides you with tools to support you in your new projects.

The eco-efficiency calculator validated by Cemafroid is a good example. It allows you to evaluate the financial and environmental impact of a cooling system and to highlight the most eco-efficient solution for a given installation. Don't wait any longer, test it!


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Our Climalife Connect 19 is now available!

Climalife accelerates its transition to a circular economy


Always with sustainable development at it’s heart, Climalife strengthens its position as leader in working fluids and associated services.  And, becomes the expert in eco-efficient solutions to service the industry.


As a pioneer in responsible refrigeration with the recovery and recycling of fluorinated greenhouse gases, Climalife is evolving and fully integrating the concept of a circular economy to the heart of its strategy.

Our brand is building on this approach by recommending, informing and supporting you in the choice of tailored solutions, to help reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.


Our objective is to increase the value of waste and accelerate our transition to a competitive circular economy.


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Our Climalife Contact becomes Climalife Connect !


Climalife celebrates its 15th anniversary and unveils its new magazine.


Climalife is taking a new course, connecting the fine chemicals activities of the Dehon Group, including aerosol propellants, blowing and extinguishing agents, industrial and speciality gases.


This is a great opportunity to strengthen its position as a leader with expertise in working fluids dedicated to the food, automotive, building, energy and health industries, etc.


This anniversary is an opportunity to unveil some changes…


Our magazine is changing its name to « Climalife Connect ».


Connected to the challenges of our industry, new sections have been created including: In the news, the issues, business approach, digital connect... all designed for the eco-efficient industry of tomorrow.  This new approach is part of Climalife's ongoing efforts to better meet your expectations, bringing improved readability, clarity and flow to the pages for a better reading experience.


The success of our brand is celebrated with you, our customers, partners and suppliers.  Thank you for your trust and loyalty.  Very soon new surprises await you...


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