Quality approach

Dehon Group Quality, Safety and Environment Policy



Listen & Satisfy   

Our customers
, paying attention to their needs and continuously improving our products and services.

By conducting customer satisfaction surveys and formalising customer visits with visit reports.

By developing the services we provide to suit the needs of our customers, in areas such as traceability of products and packaging.

By improving communication between the different companies in the Group.

 Anticipate Risks & Ensure



The safety of our colleagues, our partners, and our customers and aim for zero accidents.

By complying with rules and regulations.

By implementing preventive measures at work stations and backing up with safety training.

By advising our clients/partners about the correct use of our products, in order to guarantee their safety.

Control & Reduce

The environmental impact of our products and activities.

By developing Greenway products with reduced environmental impact.

By reducing and recovering waste.

By controlling our greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to putting at your disposal the resources necessary for the implementation of these objectives and we ask all of our colleagues to take an active part in their deployment throughout all areas of the business.