Industry, Commercial, Individual & Collective Housing and Tertiary

The cooling requirements of a plant or product in cold or frozen-storage are specific for each industry. Be it in food processing, pharmaceuticals or the petrochemical industry, optimising an industrial cooling system is now a major challenge for businesses seeking to develop sustainable production operations and minimise their carbon footprint.

The commercial cooling market includes supermarkets, health-care institutions, and leisure centres. Stakeholders in these sectors must address energy, environmental and safety issues in order to meet their customers’ cooling needs.

We know that the residential market has the biggest potential for energy savings and improvements in environmental performance. Helping businesses to turn to renewable energy sources is vital if we are to meet this challenge.

In shared residential buildings, railway stations and airports, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and local government buildings, 40 years of maintenance costs three times as much as the initial construction of the building. Lowering this cost is your goal; helping you is ours.