Gas inertage Pyrostop™ N37

PYROSTOP N37 is a neutral dielectric agent, non toxic and non flammable, which is used in electricity for its very good electrical arc switching characteristics. It is filled in high voltage gas insulated systems (GIS), and also in particles accelerators.

It is also used as a cover gas in magnesium foundries and avoids the inflammation of melting magnesium.
PYROSTOP N37 is a stable and inert gaz. It has no aggressive impact on the materials.
Its dielectric strength is higher than the air, the nitrogen or the carbon dioxide.
INVENTEC PYROSTOP N37 complies with IEC 60376 standard.
Due to its high greenhouse warming potential, it is necessary to avoid all the emissions of this gas in the atmosphere. CLIMALIFE proposes you gas transfer or recovery units, as well as a complete offer in terms of recovery and recycling of the gaz. (Please refer to advises for use).

Product Packaging

Pyrostop™ N37
26 L cylinder +

Pyrostop™ N37
88 L cylinder +

Pyrostop™ N37
217 L barrel +

Pyrostop™ N37Pyrostop™ N37
930 L container +

Pyrostop™ N37
20-ton bulk +