R32 is a low GWP "hydrofluorocarbon" (HFC). It is an A2L Refrigerant meaning it is mildly flammable. It is used in small split Air Conditioning systems where the charge size complies with the requirements of EN378.

It is not a retrofit option for other AC systems running on other refrigerants. It is also used as a component in both HFC and HFO blends.

Product Packaging Charge


12 L cylinder 9kg +

Solstice® L41y (R-452B)

R-452B is a non azeotropic blend containing refrigerants from the hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) family, designed to replace R-410A in new installations, particularly in heat pumps, commercial rooftop air conditioners, VRF systems and medium pressure liquid coolers (air/water chillers).

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