R-404A, R-134a replacement with an A2L refrigerant

Source: Answers to the questions asked during the A2L webinar on May 7 organised by Climalife in partnership with Tecumseh and Honeywell


Pierre-Emmanuel Danet, Technical Support Manager at Climalife
Alain Lelièvre-Damit, Purchase & Quota Manager at Climalife
Regis Leportier, Technical Programs Director at Tecumseh Europe
Jean De Bernardi, Technical Team Lead at Honeywell Refrigerants




Can we retrofit R-410A Systems to A2L? If so, what is procedure that you would recommend?
It is not possible to retrofit an installation of a refrigerant classified A1 with a refrigerant classified A2L without penalty of losing PED conformity and CE marking .
There is currently no drop-in solution for R-410A. R-452B which has the same performance as R-410A is not in the same PED category. It is an A2L fluid which must be used in an installation designed and compliant for fluids in category.

Are A2L refrigerants can be used on the system using the existing refrigerants like R-404, R-510A  and R-22 ?
There are low GWP solutions to replace all these refrigerants. But beware, you cannot convert an A1 system with an A2L fluid, otherwise you will lose the PED conformity and CE marking of the installation. This is to be avoided!

What about VRF systems? 
For the replacement of R-410A in air conditioning, the very low GWP solution is currently being validated. To date, we have some transition solutions with intermediate GWPs around 600. These solutions are all solutions for new equipment only.


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