R-404A T (regenerated)

R-404A T is a "near-azeotropic" HFC mixture derived from the recovery and regeneration of R-404A.

It is authorised for use until 1 January 2030 and will allow the maintenance of equipment originally using virgin R-404A, which is prohibited for use after 1 January 2020.


It is used in installations such as central refrigeration units for large retail outlets (supermarkets and hypermarkets), cold stores, food freezing installations and furniture for the conservation of frozen food and refrigerated trucks.

Product Packaging Charge


R-404A T
Friostar 15kg +


R-404A T
52 L cylinder 40 kg +


R-404A T
448 L container 350 kg +


R-404A T
930 L container 740 kg +

Solstice® N40 (R-448A)

R-448A is a non-azeotropic, low GWP HFC/HFO blend designed to replace R-404A in new and existing installations for both commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

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R-449A is a non-azeotropic, low GWP HFC/HFO based blend designed to replace R-404A in low and medium temperature refrigeration in commercial and industrial applications.

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