R-407F (Performax LT)

Performax LT is a zeotropic blend of HFCs, intended for low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration applications. It improves upon and can replace R-404A in new and existing installations.

Performax LT increases the system's energy efficiency, allowing you to reduce energy consumption and lessen your overall impact on the environment.

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Replacement solutions for R-404a - Jean de Bernardi - Honeywell

Product Packaging Charge


R-407F (Performax LT)
Cubikool® 11 kg +


R-407F (Performax LT)
Friostar® 18 kg +


R-407F (Performax LT)
52 L cylinder 47 kg +


R-407F (Performax LT)
448 L container 410 kg +


R-407F (Performax LT)
930 L container 850 kg +