R-422A (FreonTM MO79)

FreonTM MO79 is a zeotropic HFC blend designed as a direct replacement for R-22 based blends (which previously replaced R-502), such as R402A, R403B and R408A. It tends to be used in lower temperature refrigeration systems. .

May be used to in new low temperature refrigeration systems for cold storage and in supermarket, agricultural and food distribution applications..

Product Packaging Charge


R-422A (FreonTM MO79 )
Cubikool® 10kg +


R-422A (FreonTM MO79)
52 L cylinder 45 kg +


R-22 is a "hydrochlorofluorocarbon" refrigerant with high latent heat of vaporisation used for domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning.

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R-409B is a zeotropic "service blend", its use being limited in time by the Montreal Protocol. This HCFC has been developed to replace R-500 (CFC), for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

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