REACH: ECHA published a candidate list of SVHC (very High Concern substances)

Since October 28th 2008, the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) published on the website a list of 15 Substances Very High Concern (SVHC) taking part to the authorization process. This candidate list, specify in article the 59.1 of REACH regulation, identifies SVHC for their possible inclusion in the annex XIV of the regulation (annex "authorization").

Substances included in the candidate list are not the subject of a restriction as much as annex XIV does not mention it: they can always been put on the market (pure, mixing or incorporated in an article). Whereas suppliers have an obligation of the communication regarding information about this substances.

Rules of communication for SVHC are described below:

For preparations:

  • When the preparation is dangerous according the directive 1999/45/CE, suppliers have to provide a MSDS to its customers, according to annex II of REACH.
  • When the preparation is not dangerous according the directive 1999/45/CE, suppliers have to provide a MSDS at the request of the customer according the annex II of REACH if it contains at least one substance PBT or vPvB or VHC in individual concentration above or equal 0.1% by weight.

For articles:

  • When an article contains a substance VHC with a concentration above 0.1% by weight, the supplier has to provide to the recipient of the article, sufficient information (if available) in order to explain how to use the article in safety and as minimum includes the name of the substance VHC.
  • If recipient is a consumer, the supplier will provide MSDS on request of the consumer without 45 days of the receipt of the request.
  •  Since June 1st, 2011 all producers and importers of articles shall notify to ECHA if a substance authorized is contained in the article, 6 months after the substance inclusion in annex XIV and according to the 2 conditions below:
    - Substance is in quantity above 1t/year.
    - Substance is in the article in a concentration above 0.1% by weight.

According to the actual candidate list from January 1st 2009 Climalife don't put on the market SVHC (pure or in preparation).

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ECHA = European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki
CMR = Cancérigène, Mutagen, toxic to the Reproduction
PBT = Persisting, Bioaccumulable, Toxic
vPvB = very Persisting, very Bioaccumulable
SVHC = Substances Very Hight Concern
MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheets


Date : 27/04/09