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F-Gas: 1 January 2020 - a new deadline

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On 1st January 2015, European Regulation No. 517/2014, known as F-Gas, introduced a new mechanism for gradually reducing the use of HFCs through to 2030 to ensure the reduction of emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases.


The progressive reduction of HFCs is achieved through several methods:


- The implementation of quotas.  Quota is the overall quantity of HFC refrigerants that producers and importers can place on the market, expressed in CO2 equivalent Tonnes.  At the end of 2014, the European Commission introduced an annual placing on the market  quota that reduces in steps every 3 years through to 2030 with the biggest reductions in 2018 and 2021.

- The introduction of sales bans for new equipment containing certain HFCs depending on their GWP.

- The prohibition of the use of HFCs for the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration equipment depending on their GWP.


Nov 26, 2019