Renewable Solutions


This summer renewable industry reached its highest output as wind turbines and solar panels delivered more than a half of the UK’s electric demand. The weather conditions put renewable installations to the test and as an industry we achieved some impressive results!

To make sure your heat pump, ground source installation or solar thermal installation is running to its optimal capacity we recommend servicing at least once a year. A well serviced system will:

  • have a longer life span,
  • will be more efficient and
  • keep the running costs down.

Climalife offers a range of heat transfer fluids, cleaning products and treatment liquids. We picked the most popular ones from our range. For more products please visit our website.



The Greenway NEO range offers a collection of environmentally-friendly plant-based heat transfer fluids in a concentrate or ready-to-use format suitable for refrigeration, air conditioning, central heating, heat pump and solar thermal applications.

Made from a sustainable and renewable source, Greenway NEO offers a natural, reliable and effective technical alternative to traditional mono propylene glycol (MPG)-based fluids developed from the petrochemical industry.  Overall it is a clean and environmentally-aware product that also offers real energy-saving benefits.



Friogel Neo

The Friogel NEO range of heat transfer fluids with excellent anti corrosion properties for Air source and Ground Source Heat Pump systems. 

The anti-corrosion inhibition technology used in Friogel NEO is organic, based on neutralised carboxylic acids, without phosphates, nitrites or amines. These anti-corrosion agents provide a long lasting protection


Duonett D7

Duonett D7 is a professional descaling acidic liquid suited to industrial, commercial and domestic applications.  It is easily biodegradable and so is well suited to the renewable energy market.
Duonett D7 can be used to remove limes cale and limestone, and eliminate sludge and rust deposits from water pipes.
Suited to both internal circulation and external application, it can be used in heat exchangers, heat pumps, central heating systems, floor or wall-mounted boiler heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, fans, pipelines, hot water networks, etc.