RETAIL REFRIGERATION WEBINAR : what will today's choices cost you tomorrow?


Always encouraging eco-responsible refrigeration, Climalife, in collaboration with Honeywell and Matelex, will be presenting a tool to support decision making and connected solutions that are dedicated to thermodynamic equipment.


This webinar is especially relevant for decision-makers in large and medium-sized retail stores.


➡   You are a manager of a supermarket or convenience store

➡   You are a designer and advise supermarkets in their investment decisions

➡   You are an installer looking to better support your customers in their choice of refrigeration systems

And if you are looking to invest in a new and reliable installation, at a lower cost whilst safeguarding your production and reducing your carbon footprint, then this webinar is for you!

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New eco-efficient solutions make it possible to optimise expenditure on thermal installations, which can account for a very large proportion of the energy bill in supermarkets.

Choosing a refrigeration system means taking into account several criteria: climatic zone, architecture, depreciation, maintenance, regulatory constraints, expected reliability of the system, and an acceptable level of risk.


Which factors significantly influence the total cost of ownership and the overall carbon footprint, and which factors are negligible?

At this webinar, discover the objective decision making support tool, validated by the independent institute, Cemafroid.  The tool allows you to confidently compare different design possibilities for your shop and can simulate the robustness of your decision considering the uncertainty of the future.


The analysis of data from the installations will give you a new perspective on refrigeration today. Monitor your system's performance on a daily basis with a connected solution that is easy to implement on both existing and future installations.


Measure, analyse and optimise, via the 3-step web solution from Matelex. Efficient control cannot be done blindly, whether it's a leak, energy drift or an operational anomaly, the Matelex web solution supports, alerts and advises you on efficient cold production.