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Retrofitting of a chill installation at the fruit co-operative, Ille Fruit, in Ille-sur-Tet 

In June 2012, the SPIE office in St Esteve uncovered a substantial leak in a system operating with R22.  The office's attention turned to finding a solution that would extend the lifetime of this system, which was installed in 1991 by FICA (acquired by SPIE in 2009).

Following a study conducted with Climalife, it was decided that the refrigerant, Performax LT, would replace the R22.  Having already had a positive experience with this refrigerant, Robert Romeu, a manager at SPIE, explained that, "Performax LT is very suitable for this type of medium temperature, chill installation, unlike R404A, with which the increase in power would be higher and consequently pose a problem for the heat exchangers as they would no longer be able to keep up". 

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From the most common to the rarest refrigerant! 

Regardless of the application: industrial refrigeration, supermarkets, refrigerated freight, heat pumps, air conditioning etc, Climalife is here to support you and help you choose the best refrigerant to optimise the energy efficiency of your climate control systems.

From the most common HFCs (R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A etc) to the most unusual, such as R227ea or R236fa and even the latest generation of HFOs, Climalife packs and distributes a comprehensive range of refrigerants in Europe and around the world in innovative and reliable packages, from small containers to bulk supplies.

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Climalife - an increasing number of services!
To support you on a daily basis, Climalife offers refrigerant handling and waste management services.  Climalife has a range of packages that are especially made for the recovery and transfer of all types of refrigerant.  Recovered refrigerants can be reclaimed on request (following analysis) and treated to meet the specifications of our quality standard.  These specifications guarantee that the performance of the reclaimed product will be equivalent to that of a virgin product...

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Safety, risk prevention and protection of the environment - Climalife's tools

In order to continue our risk prevention and awareness-raising work, we have created a number of comics to remind ourselves of the basic precautions to be taken when handling refrigerants.  Aimed at all those who work in this field, these comics cover three subject areas:  recovery and transfer, handling, and transport and storage.

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