Climalife reveal development of its new Frionett® range


Highly desirable, intensive dirt removal! 



Frionett® cleaning range is here for your cooling and heating equipment!


Cooling and heating for all
The air conditioning, cooling and heating industries, continue to give us technologies that support us all in our daily lives.  They include equipment to help us feel more comfortable, enable the longer storage of fresh foods and beverages, preserve medication and keep servers cool in datacentres.


Reduce energy consumption
Reducing the amount of energy used in these technologies is a key factor for the wide spread air conditioning, cooling and heating industries.
Last summer, we saw record temperatures in many European countries,  with air conditioning and refrigeration systems having to work much harder than in previous years.
Indoor and outdoor pollutants can contaminate system components, causing decreased heat exchange and making systems work harder for longer, increasing the electrical energy consumption.  So it is essential to clean the working parts of the system, to restore the performance by ensuring optimal heat exchange.

Regularly cleaned equipment = reduced energy consumption.


Saving you time
To help technicians spend less time cleaning and use their time more efficiently, Climalife has developed a new range of products, tailored to different equipment types.  These are in addition to and complement our existing cleaning range.

The power of Frionett®
Frionett® gives greater possibilities for cleaning and disinfecting all types of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems, helping professionals in their day to day work and meeting their expectations for ease of use, safety and time saving cleaning needs.


For better equipment efficiency, NOW is the time to clean the coils, evaporators and condensers of your air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems. ACT NOW!