Number of employees : 1

Distribution area : Scandinavia and Baltic States

dehon nordic service

Östra Hamngatan 50B 3tr

A European group with a global reach


Company Profile :

Dehon Nordic Service was set up in 2004. It has a head office in Gothenburg, a sales office in Kristianstad and a warehouse in Osby. Dehon Nordic Service is responsible for supplying and servicing the Scandinavian countries and, as from 2008, also the Baltic States.


Manufacturing site: COGAL

Cogal Belgium operates under a Vlarem II, Klasse I business licence, valid from 27 July 2000 to 31 August 2011.

The business licence covers the following activities :

  • Conditioning and refining HCFCs, HFCs, halons and other carbons
  • Installing filling and distribution systems for non-flammable liquefied gases
  • Non-flammable liquids: aerial depot, distribution and mixing
  • Treating refrigerant installation waste (CFCs, HCFCs,...)
  • Stocking and managing the mixing of MEG and MPG based heat transfer fluids
  •  Installing refrigeration and compression


Date foundation : 1976

Surface area : 7352 m2.

Location : Situated in Sint-Niklaas Waas at approx. 44 km from Brussels and close to two main european harbours : Antwerp (42 km) and Rotterdam (125 km)
Certifications :
- ISO 9001:2000
- OVAM (06/12/01), under number 95/1/KD, for the transport of hazardous materials.