Secondary systems: safe in winter!

Heat transfer fluids / secondary refrigerants are used throughout refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable applications. They are one of the least expensive components of a system, but are critical to the way it functions and how effectively it is used to transfer warmth from one location to another and provide protection from freezing and corrosion.


Climalife offers a complete range of traditional glycol-based solutions and environmentally friendly products. Developed in our laboratories, the formulation of our heat transfer fluids has been meticulously tested to prove their high performance and stability over time. 


Discover our solutions for all applications requiring antifreeze and anti-corrosion protection or a transfer fluid from -60°C to 200°C and above.


To health check the transfer fluid in your installation, check that the antifreeze and anti-corrosion protection is still sufficient and evaluate the ageing of the installation by the presence of wear elements in the coolant with the APC Kit.