Services and Engineering

The Climalife approach

Given how diverse your activities in the field are, customers find themselves needing to solve increasingly complex situations.


The challenge is to achieve results and fulfil your obligations:

• Complex configuration of installations (high volume, special fluids, etc.).
• Need for special equipment (recovery unit, 70 bar pump, etc.) and occasional lack of available resources.
• Difficult logistics and access.
• Managing recovered fluids and controlling traceability.



Outsource your recovery services and benefit from these advantages

  • Turnkey solution for the service
  • Planning interventions across your country
 You can focus your efforts on your core business
  • Expertise in the physico-chemical properties of the liquids
Benefit from our expertise in liquids and specialist equipment for efficient recovery.
  • Our experts will share thei knowledge with your teams
You benefit from the knowledge and experience acquired by our chemical engineers.
  • Managing waste traceabily (managing the BSD -  waste Tracking Form)
You free yourself from operational and administrative constraints.