Solar tar remover


Ready to use solution for the internal cleaning of solar thermal systems.   An alkaline aqueous formula with good wetting characteristics to remove tar and deposits in solar circuits that have restricted  flow  due to the "caramelisation" of the degraded heat transfer fluid. Restores circulation and avoids replacement of the solar collectors. Efficient at room temperature.

Product Packaging


Can 20 L +


210 L barrel +

Greenway Neo Solar N ready to use

Greenway® Neo Solar N is a READY-TO-USE renewable plant-based heat transfer fluid (1,3-propanediol and corrosion inhibitors), specially formulated for sanitary hot water production circuits with flat or tubular vacuum solar thermal collectors.


Greenway® Neo Solar N protects against freezing and the formation of deposits in the system.

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Solufluid® Solar

SOLUFLUID® SOLAR is a READY TO USE heat transfer fluid based on MONOPROPYLENE GLYCOL and corrosion inhibitors. It is designed for sanitary hot water production circuits in solar panels or vacuum tubes.

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Universal Pump

This universal pump can be used for coolants, lubricants and our internal cleaning products.

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