Solstice® N13 (R-450A)

R-450A is a near azeotropic blend containing an HFO refrigerant, designed to replace R-134a in commercial and industrial refrigerators, as well as air conditioning and chillers.


Its atmospheric pressure temperature glide is less than 1k, and can be used in direct expansion or flooded evaporator systems.

Use a polyol ester (POE) oil.


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Replacement solutions for R-404a - Jean de Bernardi - Honeywell

Product Packaging Charge


Solstice® N13 (R-450A)
Cubikool® 12 kg +


Solstice® N13 (R-450A)
52 L cylinder 53 kg +


Solstice® N13 (R-450A)
448 L container 455 kg +


Solstice® N13 (R-450A)
930 L container 945 kg +


R-134a is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) designed for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, as well as air conditioning systems, liquid refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

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