Heat transfer fluids Solufluid® Solar

SOLUFLUID® SOLAR is a READY TO USE heat transfer fluid based on MONOPROPYLENE GLYCOL and corrosion inhibitors. It is designed for sanitary hot water production circuits in solar panels or vacuum tubes.

SOLUFLUID® SOLAR has been tested at high temperatures and can operate during stagnation temperatures beyond 150°C usually encountered during summer periods.

Product Packaging Protection


Solufluid® Solar
Can 20 L -25°C +


Solufluid® Solar
210 L barrel -25°C +


Solufluid® Solar
1000 kg container -25°C +


Solar tar remover


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Universal Pump

This pump can be used for coolants, lubricants and our internal cleaning products.

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Duonett® D7

DUONETT® D7 is a descaling liquid for industrial use, intended for removing limescale and limestone, and eliminating sludge and rust deposits from water pipes.

It can be used in heat exchangers (condensers, water evaporators), boilers, water pipelines, and also cooling towers.

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Desoxydant P

For removing limescale and deoxidising metallic surfaces in heat transfer fluid circuits. 

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Dispersant D

Eliminates metallic oxides and non-encrusted stains in heat transfer systems.

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APC KIT : Periodic Heat Transfer Analysis and interpretation of results by the Climalife laboratory.

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