Discover the new catalog Climalife Galco! And do not forget to clean your air conditioners!


5 questions to Mr. Gérard Abidh about external cleaning of thermal systems

Mr. Abidh, as the R&D Manager at Climalife, what can you tell us about the Frionett® cleaning range and its advantages?

1) First of all, explain why maintenance and cleaning are crucial operations.

Gérard Abidh :
Clogging of finned evaporators and condensers causes power problems, as well as hygiene and health risks. There are many cleaning products on the market: solvents, aqueous, biocides, fungicides and bactericides.

The Frionett® range meets the requirements of professionals, covering all cleaning requirements encountered on all metals.


The New Climalife Galco catalogue is available!


Climalife Galco, export subsidiary of the Dehon Group, has published its new catalog dedicated to professionals of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Discover the pages of our new products and services for the markets of Industry, Trade, Residential and Commercial:
- Our range refrigerant fluids Frio +
- Our Borax-free heat transfer .
- Our full range of oils.
- Our cleaning solutions Frionett®

Information is clearified with tables giving Climalife recommendations for the different applications at the beginning of each product range section.