Super U adopts Performax LT for its refrigeration system









Super U adopts Performax LT for its refrigeration system
In a European political context of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing energy consumption, the new refrigerant Genetron Performax LT was chosen instead of R-404A for the Super U supermarket located near Perigueux. In Europe, this new installation is a first.
The Super U at Notre Dame de Sanilhac was opened on 9 March 2011 and has pulled out all the stops to build an environmentally friendly next-generation supermarket.
For David Ponnelle, Store Manager, the environmental aspect is part of his responsibility as a citizen. "Polluting the planet less is very important to me personally. At Super U, we have a team working on these environmental aspects. We also ask our contractors to take a proactive approach." Sud Ouest Réfrigération, the company in charge of refrigeration, has risen to the challenge and chosen Genetron Performax LT as the refrigerant.

Initially, the refrigeration system was designed for R-404A, but...

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