TAIWAN : Keeping the Olympiad Safe with Frionett®

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With 9,000 athletes and 2,000 delegates from 150 countries, the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipai offered quite a challenge when it came to guaranteeing food safety for the participants - Chien Torn technology rose to the challenge.

Founded in 2010, Chien Torn Technology Co Ltd (CTT Taiwan) is the exclusive Climalife-Galco distributor in Taiwan. CTT sells products for HVAC systems and also provides cleaning services.

Chien Torn Technology partnered with Global Hospitality Group (GHG) and together they had the winning bid in the call for tenders for the cleaning and supervision of the dining room and kitchens of the Athlete Village at the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. Global Hospitality Group (GHG) is the world leader in Athlete Village dining services, with over 15 years of experience in major international events.
CTT was tasked with cleaning in order to limit the number of microbes present on surfaces such as foodservice tables, kitchen appliances, cold rooms and more. These had to be tested and shown to be compliant with Taiwanese regulations on food hygiene.

A Food Safety Challenge at a Prestigious Event
The games were held in August, the hottest and most humid month in Taiwan, conditions that can encourage microbial growth. Thirty-five to forty thousand meal portions were served each day during the busiest period of the event, with the Village functioning nearly 24 hours a day.

Without the powerful cleaning products they used, mould and bacteria could have multiplied to unsafe concentrations, putting athletes at risk.
Frionett® Cleaning Solutions  
Chien Torn Technology chose our powerful Frionett® products to keep the Village safe from health risks. These products, compliant with EU standards, are effective in fighting fungi, mould, algae and bacteria, including legionella, salmonella and listeriosis.


Frionett® Power Ultra was sprayed to remove grease from cooking equipment. CTT also used Frionett® Power Ultra, an alkaline product containing an anti-corrosive agent that complies with current regulations, in floor scrubbers to keep the dining room spic and span.

The refrigerated cases, prep tables and professional warming equipment in the kitchen were cleaned using Frionett® Contact, a fragrance-free disinfecting and degreasing product specially formulated for surfaces that may come into indirect contact with food.  The treated surfaces were rinsed with potable water after the product was applied.

The Ministry of Health, the Taipei City Government and TÜV Rheinland AIMEX Ltd. tested the ATP* value every day and found it to be well below the norm.  CTT also used Frionett® Activ, with its long-lasting fresh scent, to disinfect dining tables and the floors of the cold rooms. The Frionett® Activ aerosol produces a foam that delivers a powerful deep clean on vertical surfaces.

Total User Satisfaction
The director of the GHG project was very pleased with the results, which met all specifications. The Organising Committee recognises that it is challenging to keep the premises clean during an event like this, where the number of athletes rivals that of the Olympic Games.

When asked about the cleanliness of the dining room and the restaurant, the participants stated that they were completely satisfied, and that they were surprised by the variety of Taiwanese cuisine.

CTT also received positive feedback from the chefs about how Frionett® products performed in the kitchens. The spray solutions made it easy for them to keep their working areas hygienic.
No food safety problems were reported and the CTT team is pleased to have been able to provide the participants of this prestigious event with a healthy, comfortable atmosphere.

*ATP = Adenosine triphosphate – bioluminescence.