Time to Check Your Heat Transfer Fluid

winter is coming!

You know it is the best time to check your heat transfer fluids


As we head towards the winter months, now is a good time to review the performance of the Heat Transfer Fluid (or HTFs) in your heating or cooling systems.

HTFs are used in refrigeration, air conditioning, central heating, heat pump, solar thermal and underfloor heating applications. Being one of the least expensive components of a system, they are however critical to the way it functions and how effectively it transfers warmth from one location to another and provide protection from freezing and corrosion.

When HTFs age, they can become susceptible to the cold - common problems such as rusting, the formation of sludge and a change in viscosity can reduce the efficiency of systems. Therefore the need for regular maintenance and servicing is essential. It's always worth using a good quality HTF and one that contains corrosion inhibitors which can limit corrosion in water systems.

Climalife has produced and distributed HTFs for over 30 years and offers an extensive range that come as a concentrate or ready to use.

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