Our Industrial Services team can support you with conducting special operations on cooling, heating, and air conditioning installations, including: recovery, emptying, loading, cleaning... as well as regulatory maintenance operations.


Our main services on site are :
- Emptying refrigerants, heat transfer fluids, other technical fluids
- Refilling of pressurised gas installations, liquefied gas, flammable gases, etc.
- Cleaning of refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, solar and other installations.
- Inspection and periodic retesting of pressure equipment.
-Regulatory, preventive and corrective maintenance. 








- of refrigerant or heat transfer fluid from an installation

- various installations

Recovery of refrigerants, heat transfer fluids or secondary refrigerants, treatment of fluids in accordance with current regulations, recovery of unclean containers.


- of refrigerant in an installation.

- of heat transfer fluid in an installation

Loading of refrigerants or heat transfer fluids into installations: bulk supplies, depositing under specific conditions, installation concentration (dosing).


- glycol water system

- refrigerant installation

- various installations

- air-conditioning water system

- heating water system

For heating, cooling or air-conditioning installations:

-             Removing sludge from climate systems

-             Cleaning of refrigerant systems with specific products such as Facilisolv, Nettogaz GC+.

-            Cleaning of heat transfer fluid systems with Desoxydant P and Dispersant D, descaling with Duonett® D7.

Periodical Inspection of EUP*.


Regulatory maintenance of pressure equipment:


- We carry out the periodic inspection of your installations (tanks, pipes, instruments, etc.) and issue a certificate. Preventive maintenance of refrigerant storage and distribution equipment.

Periodical Requalification of EUP*.

Regulatory maintenance of pressure equipment:


- We prepare equipment for periodic requalification (tanks, pipes, instruments, etc.)


-We carry out the periodic requalification of transportable equipment


(container re-testing).


*EUP: Equipment Under Pressure



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