With Duonett ® D7, preserve heat exchange and the sustainability of central heating installations!


Descaling is a key operation for preserving heat exchange and the sustainability of central heating installations (3 mm of scale acts as unwanted “insulation” and can cost up to 20% more in primary energy).

Traditionally, however, descaling implies major safety restrictions. Typical treatment products are strong, hazardous acids, which require protection from toxic vapours and contact with skin, and can damage materials (pipes, taps, etc.). They may cause work accidents and legal actions with end customers.

With its Duonett® D7 solution, Climalife offers scale removal treatment for heat exchangers and domestic hot water tanks that is both effective and safe for the operator.


Unlike traditional descalers, Duonett® D7 selectively dissolves scales without damaging metals and synthetic materials:


  • Easier to use than conventional acid products.
  • Not corrosive or classified as hazardous.
  • Does not produce toxic vapour.*
  • Requires no special protection equipment.*
  • Biodegradable when pure.

Effectiveness helps maintain thermal efficiency: Duonett® D7 is also highly effective. It dissolves 280 g of scale per litre of product at 20°C.

Using a circulation pump, it acts quickly and continuously without halting the operation of the installation and without damaging the piping system’s components.


* Refer to the product's fact sheet and check the safety data sheet for more information.