Your 360° approach to energy optimisation of refrigeration systems

With average temperatures across the world increasing, the challenge for the HVACR sector is how to achieve system sustainability, while minimising the carbon footprint and optimising the energy efficiency of thermodynamic installations.


F-Gas legislation, pressures to save money and most importantly, world-wide efforts to halt climate change are forcing businesses to review their approaches towards energy efficiency. A refrigeration system running at optimal performance will use less product, it will not leak and it will use less energy thereby having a lower carbon footprint. As a result, it will also cost less to operate as it has been well maintained and is utilising quality products.


To support the lifetime of installations, Climalife has launched its 360° approach to optimising the performance of refrigeration systems.



Climalife global approach


Climalife strives to not only provide a comprehensive product range based on the nature of the facilities and their characteristics in terms of temperature and size, it also aims to put forward an innovative offer that guarantees both safety and reliability of equipment and minimise its environmental impact.

The Climalife 360° approach focuses on each step of a refrigeration system lifecycle and how they interconnect, offering product solutions that can make a positive difference to the optimisation of performance.  For example:



We encourage the use of very low GWP refrigerants when designing new installations.



We can help you choose heat transfer fluids/oils with the best performance.



We recommend converting existing installations to lower GWP where possible.



We can support you with regeneration and re-use of recovered fluids.



We advise a regular maintenance plan with a good quality cleaning product.  This can optimise heat transfer from the exchangers.



We can assist in the identification and resolution of technical problems, improve system life and realise energy savings.



Involving Climalife early on in the planning stages of a new installation or cooling project, means that we can offer all round solutions with a focus on energy efficiency and productivity.