Zerol RFL 46-EP | Zerol RFL 68-EP

ZEROL® RFL-EP technology provides efficient lubrication for both existing stationary and future mobile R-744 compressors, with optimised levels of refrigerant miscibility being achieved as a result of the capping technology.


The ZEROL® RFL-EP range are speciality double end-capped PAGs, engineered specifically to operate under the high pressure/temperature conditions of CO2 compression.


They provide highly efficient lubrication for R-744 compressors, with optimised levels of refrigerant miscibility to ensure wear protection even under the highest levels of CO2 dilution, where alternate lubricants may demonstrate loss in hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication.


The ZEROL® RFL-EP range is extensively OEM approved for commercial and industrial stationary CO2 refrigeration, and is available from Climalife in 5L and 20L containers, in viscosities grades 46 and 68.



Double end-capped PAG lubricant with optimised miscibility in CO2 Maximises oil return to the compressor for system efficiency, without loss of hydrodynamic/boundary lubrication properties
Excellent load bearing (EP) properties Lubrication properties are not compromised even under elevated pressure and temperature conditions
Excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability Prolongs stable operating conditions, reduces downtime and maintenance costs
Reduced water absorbance tendency Minimised water ingress compared to alternate R-744 technologies
System component compatibility Compatible with all metallic and elastomeric components commonly employed for maximised system stability and extended life
High Viscosity Index/Low pour point Ensures high system efficiency and no compromise in lubrication at temperature extremes

Product Packaging Oil type


Zerol RFL 46-EP
Can of 5 L PAG +


Zerol RFL 46-EP
Can 20 L PAG +


Zerol RFL 68-EP
Can of 5 L PAG +


Zerol RFL 68-EP
Can 20 L PAG +

R-744 (CO2)

R -744 (carbon dioxide) is a refrigerant designed for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications

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