Axilis® offers a comprehensive solution for improving equipment performance.

System longevity and performance are of utmost importance to thermal installation professionals. Aware of their challenges, Climalife has launched the Axilis® brand to support customers operating and maintaining systems.

Discover our analysis solutions through Climalife’s newest brand!

Axilis® offers complete analysis solutions for three major technical fluid categories: lubricants, refrigerants and heat transfer fluids.

- Oil analysis can provide a useful indication of a system's overall condition.  Lubricants can convey faults such as: acidity, corrosion, defective compressor lubricant, etc.

- Refrigerant analysis can facilitate the fast identification of malfunctions, for example: contamination, moisture levels, etc.

- By analysing heat transfer fluids, freeze protection levels can be checked and circuit corrosion details acquired. Wear is a sign of equipment deterioration that should be quickly treated.

Let Axilis® experts handle the analysis of your thermal installations and help optimise their maintenance.

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