MGS-402 | MGS-408 : leak detection controllers

The Bacharach MGS-402 and MGS-408 controllers can be used to connect the MGS-400 series and MGS-550 series of sensors to form leak detection units for refrigerants, toxic and combustible gases.

The installation of a leak detection system not only ensures compliance with regulations, it also ensures the safety of people (operators, managers, employees), respects the environment and can help achieve financial savings.

The MGS-402 controller allows the connection of up to 2 MGS-410 detectors to form a 2-probe, 2-level detection unit.


The MGS-408 controller allows the connection of up to 8 detectors: MGS-410, MGS-450, MGS-460, or MGS-550 detectors to form a central detection unit with 8 probes and 2 detection levels.

This equipment can be connected to a centralised building management system.


They meet the recommendations of both EN 378 and ASHRAE 15 safety standards for leak detection.


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MGS-402 Controller


MGS-408 Controller

Stationary leak detector : MGS 400 series

The Bacharach MGS-400 series room controllers are fixed refrigerant leak detectors suitable for all refrigeration systems.


Designed to detect refrigerants, toxic and combustible gases, they can detect HFO/blends (HFO-HFC) / HFC / R-290 / NH3 / CO2, ensuring people safety while reducing leaks.



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Industrial Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector MGS 550

The Bacharach MGS 550 is a leak detector for refrigerants, toxic gases, combustible gas, and oxygen. It is recommended for
detection of refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration installations (chillers, GMS, industrial refrigeration).

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